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The Increasing Allure of Crepes and Pancakes

9:03 am

Pancakes are the perfect addition to any menu. Enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this versatile and highly popular dish can be made using a sweet or savoury batter and  can come with a vast range of fillings. Large batches of crepe and pancake mix can also be prepared well in advance of service, whilst they only take a couple of minutes to both cook and fill. The recipe for pancakes is also as simple as flour, milk and eggs, leaving them incredibly cheap to produce and serve. 

What seems to be most exciting about pancakes and crepes however, is their ability to provide the perfect vessel for a variety of delicious fillings and toppings. This can range from a simple sprinkling of sugar and a dash of lemon, to the more exciting crepe suzette, all the way to the more peculiar creations, including banana and bacon crepes and chicken satay pancakes. So whatever it is your customers are looking for when they are feeling peckish, make sure you are prepared.

We stock a great range of crepe makers and accessories, meaning you are sure to find the right machine to suit your particular type of establishment. The range includes our very own brand Buffalo Electric Crepe Maker, whose stainless steel exterior makes it incredibly easy to clean whilst its cast iron cooking plate ensures a perfect result.

Our variety of Krampouz Propane Gas CrepeMakers also comes with a range of useful features and extras, including a stainless steel smooth welded frame, safety thermocouple, and a wooden spreader and spatula. Our Roller Grill Crepe Machines also come in a variety of sizes, with single or double plates and are available as either electric, natural gas or LPG fuelled.

By Tamara Cmiljic


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