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How To Double Your Customers During Coffee Week

4:42 pm

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There’s nothing quite like a cup of coffee. Whether you’re cappuccino crazy or mad for Americanos, there’s no denying coffee’s immense popularity. In fact, it’s the most popular beverage on the planet, with over 400 billion cups of coffee consumed globally every year. And we in the UK are as keen on coffee as anyone, with over £1 billion spent annually, and each person consuming a staggering 2kg of it every year.

While the popularity of coffee in the UK means that there’s a huge opportunity to make profits, it also means that competition is fierce, and any establishment with coffee on its menu is going to have to be at the top of its game in order to make money.

One opportunity to attract new customers is UK Coffee Week. This year, Coffee Week runs from the 7th to the 13th of April, and if your establishment sells coffee, this is the perfect opportunity to try something different in the hopes of attracting new customers.

So, whether you intend to create some funky new cappuccino art, throw the spotlight on some interesting new blends or if you’ve got some special offers up your sleeve which will bring old and new customers alike clamouring for a refill, you’ll have to ensure that the service you provide is absolutely first-rate.

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Most importantly, if your coffee machine is a little past its prime, it may be time to think about investing in a new one. With just under 100 coffee machines for you to choose from, Nisbets ensure you can find one that’s perfectly suited to your needs. Among our finest coffee machines is the Bravilor Esprecious Bean to Cup Espresso Machine. Capable of making 83 cups of espresso every hour, the Bravilor Esprecious is ideal for busy coffee shops serving a large number of people. It also has the added benefit of being remarkably simple to use.

Fracino Piccino coffee machine, coffee grinder
For smaller coffee shops, or restaurants and hotels serving smaller amounts of coffee, the Fracino Piccino coffee machine is ideal. Requiring no plumbing, this little beauty is easy to use and highly durable. Perfect for making morning Americanos and after dinner cappuccinos. for best results, this machine should be paired with the Fracino Piccino coffee grinder.

Alternatively, if your coffee machine is already working perfectly, you may want to invest in some new crockery. With a wide variety of cappuccino cups and matching saucers to choose from, you can refresh your look without spending too much, and keep your new customers coming back for more.

Another idea is to invest in some new furniture. Nothing beats sitting in a comfortable chair, at an attractive table with a steaming cup of coffee on it. At Nisbets, we provide coffee tables suitable for lounges and casual dining areas, or you can create your own look with our stunning new mix and match table tops and bases – available in coffee height, standard height or poseur height.

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Finally, if you simply can’t wait for your coffee, why not stock up on instant coffees from Nescafé? With 500g and 750g packs available, in caffeinated and decaffeinated, as well as packs of 200 stick packs, perfect for hotel rooms, these extra large packs are sure to keep you going.

By Henry Franklin


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