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Make A Green Forecast With These Environmentally Friendly Products From Nisbets Catering Supplies

8:30 am

Just last week, the UK was under smog.

The latest weather reports were forecasting pollution which would stick around for days.

The pollution – a mix of local and European emissions and dust from the Sahara – was affecting areas in the South and South West of England.

Coupled with the health scare on the young and elderly, and the poor visibility, this is a matter which needs to be addressed, on a global scale.

And it can be the small changes which make a big difference.

Here’s how:

Keeping Clean
Health and safety is often a common phrase you hear around the work place. And such a priority doesn’t differ too greatly around the home either. But with so many products on offer, making an environmentally friendly choice can be somewhat overwhelming.

Ecover Non Bio Laundry Gel
The product
Ecover are pioneers of sustainability and ‘green’ as can be. Using plant and mineral based ingredient, this brand of cleaning products certainly bring ‘Feel Good Cleaning’ to the home and workplace.
The non bio laundry gel is a powerful cleaning solution at just 15 degrees C. The gel is enzyme free which means that this laundry detergent is kind to sensitive skin types. And once all 980ml has been all used up, the container is biodegradable which helps to minimise the landfill waste.

Jantex Degradable Black Bags
Keeping Tidy
Black bags are used in households and catering establishments to fill with waste materials. This can range from food waste & their containers to unwanted products & materials. With 170 million tonnes of waste produced each year in England and Wales, it has all got to go somewhere. Some of this is reused or recycled, but much of it needs to be landfilled. It is important that we all try to reduce this amount of waste so we rely less on landfill because it will only continue to grow.

The product
A product which can help tackle this growing problem is the Jantex degradable black bags. These heavy duty refuse sacks are made from recycled materials which breaks down into micro particles within 24 months. Flat packed, these bags take up little space but can make a big difference.

Shoes For Crews Canvas Slip-on Shoe
Treading Carefully
Being kind to the environment can also affect the clothes we wear and the footwear we tread. This can mean using responsibly sourced materials and being animal friendly. As a result, the garments are more sustainable and the environment is unharmed.

The product
Shoes For Crews (SFC) is a global leader in slip resistant footwear and their designs have proved most popular with a variety of businesses. Perhaps this is because they are ‘the shoe that grips’. Which provides optimum support for those working long hours.
Better still, the SFC team have developed a canvas slip on shoe which is vegan friendly. This ultimately means that no leather has been used in the construction of making and glues containing animal ingredients have been avoided.

Here’s hoping that these small changes will avoid a repeat of the smog we saw only last week, and more green lights for reduce, reuse and recycle.

By Penny Ford


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