Introducing Shoes For Crews at Nisbets Catering Supplies

9:31 am

A new brand of footwear has joined the Nisbets footwear range which will get you walking in confidence.

Shoes For Crews (SFC) is an international brand which has customers from a variety of different catering sectors.

With innovation at the foot of all things they do, SFC design for people working long hours of the day.

The technology behind it began with a suggestion from a contact at a Burger King chain 25 years ago. It was suggested that a shoe be designed which would grip to slippery surfaces.
Shoes For Crews mighty grip sole
SFC Mighty Grip Sole
And SFC did just that - a mighty slip resistant outsole was created and manufactured. Made from an exclusive rubber compound that grips the microscopic roughness of a floor’s surface, the shoes are no mean feat. The tread pattern even channels liquid away from the bottom of the sole which makes these shoes just perfect for staff in the catering industry, no matter what surface they are on.

Something else which is unique to the brand is that the shoes are available in sizes for men and women. It is quite often the case that safety shoes are only available in unisex sizes which could hinder your over all comfort. SFC have ensured that you will get the perfect shoe fitting to offer you optimum support.

Slip On Canvas Shoes
Slip On Canvas Shoe
Cutting the ties to a slippery surface is the water repellent Slip- on Canvas Shoe. Combining a popular canvas slip- on with SFC multigrip, this shoe is one to love. The canvas upper just washes clean, which leaves you with a durable chefs shoe time and time again.

Shoes For Crews old school leather trainer
Old School Leather Trainer
Another popular shoe is the iconic Old School Leather Trainer which offers a functional and stylish wear. The cushioned insoles and feather light, flexible midsole, enables total comfort when you are on your feet all day.

These shoes certainly ‘walk the walk’, but can you ‘talk the talk’?

Let us know what you think about these great new additions to our footwear range.

By Penny Ford


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