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Caring For Your Shoes

8:36 am

If you look after your shoes, your shoes will look after you. Shoes have been worn for centuries as a means of protective clothing and retaining warmth. Although they are now very much a fashion statement, wearing a good pair of shoes can make you feel a million dollars. For chefs and kitchen staff alike, shoes as protective wear and functionality are just as important as it first was all those years ago.
The advancements in technology have somewhat improved the performance, comfort and longevity of shoes. And caring for them often comes down to the type of shoe and the brand.

Shoes For Crews
Our Canvas Slip- On Shoes are perfect for work and play. Because of this, these chefs shoes are well loved by customers. Luckily enough the water resistant canvas material simply washes clean on a 30ºC  wash. And, every pair of Shoes For Crews comes with a Sole Grid Cleaner too. This can be used to keep the tread of your soles clean and in top gripping order.

Specialist Vent Black Crocs

Our Specialist Vent Crocs are light, comfortable and ergonomic shoes. Made from a non-porous resin, this makes the shoes very durable and keeps them from absorbing things such as stains and odours.
Care for your Crocs with products that you have in the kitchen – just a simple splash of Jantex Washing Up Liquid in some warm tap water will do the trick!

Jantex Washing Up Liquid

The Super Birki is an everyday use clog. With that said, this shoe can get a lot of wear. To improve hygiene, the design has a machine washable foot bed which can be washed in temperatures of up to 30ºC. And when the polyurethane (PU) sole gets dirty, you’ll just need to hose it off before putting the PU clog in the washing machine on a temperature of up to a 65 ºC wash.
For a high performing laundry gel, check out the Ecover Non Bio Laundry Gel, which washes away tough dirt and stains at just 15 ºC.

These black brogues are stylish and sophisticated leather shoes which are perfect for wear at front of house. The soles are anti-static and non-slip, but kitchen debris can still stick to them - shoe brushes and wipes can easily be used to remove this.

Safeway Black Brogues
To keep your brogues looking presentable and to increase longevity, they will need to be polished.

1. Remove the shoelaces from your shoe. This is the best way to clean the tongue of the shoe and avoid staining the laces.
2. Apply a good quality shoe polish or cream evenly to leather with a brush or soft cloth.
3. Once the polish has dried, simply buff to a shine using a clean cloth.
4. Store your leather brogues on a shoe tree or stuff the toe cap with newspaper / tissue to retain its shape.
Never store or dry leather near direct heat because this can dry it out and cause the surface to crack.

Now that you have assessed and addressed your shoes for cleanliness, you may have noticed that the shoe laces are looking a bit worn. Replace these as soon as you can to avoid losing your shoe, or worse still, slipping over!

A point that I must stress is that no shoe is 100% slip resistant – the floors surface still needs to be maintained to achieve maximum slip & trip reduction.

If you have any tips on how you care for your work shoes, let us know!

By Penny Ford


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