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Take The Stress Out Of Spring Cleaning With These Amazingly Efficient Cleaning Products

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At times it seemed like we would never be able to say this, but winter has finally gone. The weather that ruined many people’s Christmases and New Years has subsided, and the temperature has at long last started to rise. Yes, spring is here, and that can only mean one thing – it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get your spring cleaning done, and here at Nisbets we've got a huge selection of cleaning items to make your spring cleaning as painless as possible.

cleaning product jantex nisbets

While all our cleaning products are highly effective and excellent value for money, there are some we are especially proud of. Our Jantex range of cleaning products includes everything you need to keep your premises looking spick and span, even if you dread the thought of a big spring clean.

cleaning product jantex nisbets stain remover

One thing which is bound to be high on many people’s shopping lists is stain remover. While it’s a long time since the raucous parties of the Christmas period, cleaning the stains from spilt drinks off the carpet is a job that lots of people will have been putting off. The Jantex stain remover will help you rid your carpet of those persistent, unsightly stains and breathe new life into rugs, and even some upholstered furniture as well.

cleaning product jantex nisbets cleaning combo

The Jantex Cleaning Combo is another fantastic product which will make a great addition to any premises in need of regular mopping. The kit includes a mop bucket which is mounted on sturdy castors for easy manoeuvrability, a mop head and mop handle suitable for cleaning any type of hard floor, and a Wet Floor sign to keep your customers safe. The mop bucket has a capacity of 20 litres, and also features a sturdy wringer, allowing you to get your floors squeaky clean in next to no time.

cleaning product jantex nisbets microfobre cloth

Another product we’re very keen on is the Jantex MicrofibreCloths. Sold in packs of five, these cloths can be used to clean just about any surface without any chemicals. So, not only will you save on buying costly detergent, you’ll also be doing your bit to save the planet. As an extra benefit of our microfibre cloths, they can be used damp or dry, and they’re colour coded for easy identification.

cleaning product jantex nisbets multi purpose
Another highly impressive Jantex product is the TRU OrangeMulti Purpose Spray. This powerful multi-purpose cleaning spray contains orange oils which act as a very powerful cleaning agent. This spray is great for all types of cleaning challenges such as spot cleaning carpets or washing hard surfaces. The Jantex TRU Orange Multi Purpose Spray is suitable for use in any environment, from kitchens to bathrooms. This amazingly versatile spray has a neutral pH, and will perform better than the vast majority of alternative products.

There are a huge number of other Jantex products, all of which are highly functional and very good value. Feel free to browse them here, or give us a call on 0845 140 5555, or pop into one of our stores, where we’ll be happy to talk you through any of our excellent Jantex products.

By Henry Franklin


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