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National Chip Week

2:27 pm

It’s National Chip Week this week until 23rd February, and I’m sure every restaurant, bistro and pub has been inundated with chip orders. Why not take the opportunity to upgrade your current fryer with our extensive commercial range from free standing Lincat fryers to countertop Buffalo fryers - Nisbets have a whole range to suit all establishments.

On the other hand, if preparing for home, why not join the professionals and utilise the amazing Tellier French fry cutter which can also be used for light commercial use. It is hand operated and will make light work for chipping your potatoes. This chipper comes supplied with two sizes of blades allowing you to make chips of different sizes depending on how you like them.

Whether you prefer chunky, skinny, oven baked or wedges make sure you celebrate our national favourite during chip week, it’s the perfect time to enjoy your chips, whichever way you like them.

To give your old favourite a more modern feel, why not present them in style with our funky looking chip baskets. Most restaurants, gastro pubs and bistros these days are putting in a real effort to display the good old British chip in other interesting and eye catching ways, for example laying rows of chips on top of one another in a chip jenga fashion would look perfectly presented on our Olympia slate board.

Interestingly in one year we Brits eat nearly three billion meals containing chips, with dinnertime the most popular time to eat them (64%) and tea time the second favourite (24%).

By Charlotte Le Lohé


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