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Brand Spotlight: Dynamic

3:09 pm

It's a well known fact that if something looks good, it works better. This is especially true of our range of Dynamic products, which - in their striking orange and chrome finery - certainly look the part, but also deliver on performance, too.

Think of Dynamic, and most likely you'll think of the stick blenders we all know and love. Well designed, compact and useful for making everything from cakes to smoothies, Dynamic have established themselves as the premium choice for stick blenders and hand mixers.

But did you know Dynamic also make salad spinners? In fact, this family-run French company was responsible for making the World's first salad spinner. Now, in their 49th year, they manufacture a wide range of salad spinners, including the Electric Salad Spinner, which has a powerful motor which will get rid of all the excess water from your salad. As well as helping keep the salad fresher for longer, this also helps the dressing stick to the leaves better, perfect for home kitchens and busy restaurants alike! We also stock a selection of Dynamic manual salad spinners, including a 20 litre model, which you can see in action in the video below.

Not content with producing top quality salad spinners, Dynamic also produce the DynaCoupe and DynaCube ranges, which are designed to take the stress out of preparing vegetables. Take the Dynamic Dynacube Manual Veg Cutter with 10x 10mm Blade Set for example. This intelligently designed item can be used on any work surface, and will dice, shred and slice any number of vegetables, simply by turning the handle. Not only does this take the hassle out of preparing vegetables, it also saves a remarkable amount of time.

Dynamic's range of mixers, meanwhile, offers something for all sizes of kitchen. The Dynamic Master Single Speed Stick Blender, for example, is suitable for blending large amounts of ingredients in deep pots. In fact, it will sit in a pot of up to 100 litres, and can - with the use of a Dynamic Support Bracket, can be left freestanding, and will blend all your ingredients while you work on something else.

This brief overview only shows a fraction of our Dynamic range. To find out more, browse our full range of Dynamic products here. Alternatively, come to one of our stores, where a member of staff will be happy to talk you through the merits of each individual product, helping you to make the best decision.


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