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Tableware Trends

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While white crockery sets and dinnerware will always have a special place on restaurant tables, the trend in stylish catering crockery is moving away from the crisp and clean, and heading in a couple of interesting directions.

Firstly, there‘s a renewed interest in unusual miniature side-pieces, perfect for presenting the appetiser or amuse bouche. This is great news for the more imaginative restaurateur and can really allow chefs to showcase their personalities by offering some exciting freebies to entice customers from the outset.

The first thing that sprang to my mind was our range of vibrant, glass miniatures from Olympia which would look great topped off with a bite-sized delight.



Secondly, rustic is very, definitely, IN.

The rustic handcrafted feel, and the all important glaze which highlights tactile imperfections, can be applied to a whole range of pieces from soup and casserole bowls to mugs, cups, platters and plates creating a warm, welcoming feel. Like freshly baked bread.

That same warm, welcoming appeal doesn’t just snuggle in a country kitchen and get all comfy, it can also be juxtaposed with urban, ultra hip minimalism to give a jolt to the wits and the neutrals of the decor, creating a real sense of  idiosyncratic style.

Whichever way you use them, you could do no better than choosing from our extremely durable Steelite collection, which gives you the choice between the textured, handmade appeal of the Craft range and the free-flowing glaze washes of the Fennel range.

Steelite Craft 
Steelite Fennel

For extra authenticity, Churchill’s Igneous stoneware and Dudson’s Evolution range have a hand-throw ceramic quality which absolutely defines the modern rustic look.
Churchill Igneous
Dudson Evolution

To catch the Archaic Zeitgeist just take a look at our variety of tactile tableware and see what else it can offer you.

by Mark Davies


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