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Nisbets Product of the Week - OXO Good Grip Squeegee

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When agreeing to write about this week’s Nisbets product of the week the OXO Good Grip Squeegee immediately came to mind as it has become the latest in my collection of “how to make my life easier” gadgets that I tend to favour.

Recommended to me by a trusted friend at the weekend, of which could be described as a leading authority in tools of a domestic nature, I felt compelled to try it out. Now, I wouldn’t call myself a domestic goddess in any sense of the word, but the notion that this handy little tool could
actually make my life a little easier won me over. You see, although my friend and I have a lot in common, unlike her, spending hours cleaning and polishing is not my idea of a well spent weekend.

I collected the squeegee from our Bristol store and as soon as I picked it up, I could feel the robust quality of the product straight away. As expected, my colleagues at Nisbets love nothing more than sampling new products so unsurprisingly they were interested and happily handed it around the team, offering up their initial thoughts. They commented on how well made, strong and even how “ergonomically designed” it appeared to them. Hmmm!

At home that evening I decided to put it to the test. The squeegee comes with a handy little suction attachment that, when wet, sucks on to any hard surfaces such as glass or tiles. The squeegee itself just slides straight in, becoming a gentle reminder to the other members of my family to clean the shower afterwards. Skating over the tiles, glass, even the curved edges of the doors with ease, the water simply flowed off with every shake making the shower clean and dry in seconds.

I relished in the assurance that I had discovered the Oxo Good Grip Squeegee, and all those too short hours at the weekend will now become stretched by half an hour, at the cost of less than the bottle of wine which my friend and I are likely to indulge in when I congratulate her on her advice next weekend.

By Jo Smith


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