Encourage Impulse Buys with Williams Grab and Go Refrigeration

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We’re all busy these days.

Racing about and grabbing a bite at the nearest shop or supermarket has become a common occurrence for everyone. This trend has been followed by a huge rise in the number of coffee and sandwich shops on the high street, offering accessible food at competitive prices for people racing against the clock.

‘Fast eating’ (not necessarily ‘fast food’) is the fastest growing sector in the catering industry.

Look around the next time you’re out. Everything is about speed. Supermarkets have installed shops, shops are basically supermarkets, and quick purchase checkouts are taking over from manned tills. As the ‘Grab and Go’ sector continues to explode, innovative companies are demanding more of their creations, developing specialist equipment that meets the increasing needs of modern living.

Around for over 30 years, they’ve grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of commercial refrigeration. They’ve built a global reputation for excellence, stretching across the globe and complemented by a network of top-tier refrigeration dealers and distributors.

Williams, for one, have taken the ‘grab and go’ bull by the horns.

Their selection of refrigeration can provide everything you need to maximise sales opportunities while delivering on performance and energy-efficiency. They cater their considerable manufacturing skills to the needs of each customer, offering bespoke units when needs be.

Take the Gem Multidecks, for instance.

Thanks to the interest in the market sector, they’ve never been so popular. They’re designed to not only add style to your front of house but to maximise every inch of retail space, attractively displaying drinks, snacks and dairy products where people can see and get their hands on them. In addition, advanced airflow technology ensures consistent temperatures, keeping your products fresh and your business on the right side of the HACCP legislation.

But that’s not all.

The multideck range has taken impulse buying to the next level, including front sliding doors, LED stripped lighting for greater presentation and removable EPOS ticket strips for enhanced merchandising. Add in the easy-use digital controls, heavy duty castors and adjustable shelving that come as standard with each unit and you can see why Williams are leading the way in this every-expanding market.
Get your Gem Multideck from Nisbets today and get your slice of the pie.

by Sam Beddall


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