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Colour by Chef Works - Style Guide

9:38 am

One very recognisable uniform in the Western world is the chefs uniform, traditionally known as chefs whites, which include a toque, white double breasted jacket and chequered trousers. White has always been the common colour to wear in the kitchen generally because it is known to indicate cleanliness, and was worn by head chefs to signify the importance and high regard of their profession.

No strict rules exist for chefs wear, and this is where Colour by Chef Works can help you personalise your look to make it more unique. With a variety of colourful jackets, shirts, aprons and headwear it gives you the opportunity to mix, match and coordinate. You can either go for the subtle dash of colour, for example the contrast shirts go well with the baseball caps which are black apart from the colour along the edge of the cap peak, or you can go big and bold with the vibrant statement chef jackets in orange, lime, red, merlot or grey.

Chefs clothing is not merely there for show though, they serve to protect the wearer, and in some cases, to also display rank. The double breasted jacket is usually made from very thick fabric which helps protect the chef from the high heat of the stoves, and the long sleeves also protect arms from the splattering of hot oil or the spill of hot liquids.

Even so, it undoubtedly gets very hot in the kitchens, and unlike the old days when they had limited types of materials, nowadays there are lots of different materials which provide added comfort and breathability. Chef Works have an award-winning moisture management technology called Cool Vent. This works by absorbing the heat and moisture away from the skin and allowing cool air back through to the body which encourages evaporation, keeping you cool and comfortable – just what you need when working in a hot and busy kitchen.

By Charlotte Le Lohé


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