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Smoothie Makers

12:41 pm

One of the most popular drinks when the temperature is hot and its summer time would have to be the smoothie. It’s refreshing, can be healthy and invigorating and a great way to consume your 5-a-day. Not to mention they are oh so simple to make.

Whether you’re a cafe, bar, restaurant or domestic god or goddess in the kitchen it is essential to own a suitable blender. Our range of Waring blenders are ideal for liquidising all types of fruit and vegetables, as well as crushing ice. Also take a look at our specialised Waring Margarita cocktail blenders which are capable of pulverising ice and blending larger amounts of drinks in a shorter space of time for higher demand ‘happy hour’ days.

Don’t forget the essential wider smoothie straw and those classic clear disposable cups with dome lids so your customers can enjoy their smoothies in the sun!

Why not try out this fruity smoothie recipe with your blender...

Blueberry and Orange Smoothie Recipe


  • 200ml blueberry and cranberry juice
  • 1 fresh juiced orange
  • 100g fresh strawberries, halved
  • 3tbsp low fat natural yogurt
  • Honey
  • Blueberries to garnish


  • Place all the ingredients, except the honey, into a blender. Whizz until smooth.
  • Add honey to taste and serve over ice.
  • Spear blueberries onto a cocktail stick and place on top of each smoothie. Enjoy!

By Charlotte Le Lohé


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