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Product of the Week

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My Nisbets product of the week has to be Dualit’s 2 Slice Lite Toaster. I recently bought this product for my new apartment as I wanted a toaster which would last me a lifetime (or nearly that long!). As Dualit is one of the most well known brands, especially for its commercial toasters, I knew I was onto a winner taking this little beauty home.

And a beauty it is!

It looks chic and sophisticated in the kitchen with a shiny black and stainless steel body, but it’s not just me who loves it, as we all know, the proof of the pudding is in the sharing (or something like that...) two of my colleagues Andy and Beccy bought one too.

As well as being nice to look at, it is one of those fuss-free toasters where there aren’t a whole load of different functions – you just put the toast in, press the lever down and ta dah, easy peasy toasty bread.

So it looks great and is easy to use, did I mention it also has a great little ‘peep and pop’ function where you can check on your toast without having to stop the heating cycle. Amazing if you’re like me and just stick the bread in and hope it’ll come out just right, if you start to smell burning you can check on it straight away. It also has a bagel and bun button – this warms one side and toasts the other, genius.

Can it all be that fantastic, just how brilliant can a toaster be?

Well, maybe this is just me, but my one toaster bug-bear is when you can’t fit the whole slice of bread in the slot, so you get one side of crust which is toasted and the other not – blurgh! Thankfully, this toaster has extra wide slots which accommodate larger items as well as being deep so it toasts the whole piece of bread – perfect toast every time.

To conclude, this is a wonderful little domestic toaster, it is simple, precise and quick – just the product you need for perfectly browned toast, whether you prefer it just off-white or crunchy...yum!

By Charlotte Le Lohé


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