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Fly Killers!

4:46 pm

The longest day of the year is upon us and with it the official start of British Summertime and our minds turn to warmer days, longer evenings and plenty of social events involving alfresco food and drink that extend well into the night. Unfortunately the weather doesn’t seem to have taken notice of this and if ‘warm and humid’ is the best we can hope for, then fingers crossed for the rain to hold off so we can all enjoy some quality outside catering.

Just one nagging problem, as caterers and customers alike know, along with the warm weather and tempting food and drink arrives the cloud of flies, midges and inevitable mosquito bites that can put a dampener on it all. With anything from light, moisture, sugar, food and perfume attracting insects, a daytrip or night out can be a minefield of pests.

Luckily our range of effective pest control products can help you ensure your customers have the best, insect-free, time possible and can’t wait to come back for more.

So whether you’re running a restaurant, bistro, bar, cafe or pub, entertaining friends or holding an important outdoor event, a UV electric fly killer or noise free, glue board pest trap could be perfect for you.

For added protection combine a fly zapper with a fly screen to guarantee your food preparation areas are extra clean and hygienic.
By Mark Davies


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