How to: Clean a Griddle

10:07 am

Commercial griddles are one of the most commonly used pieces of kitchen and catering equipment in the industry, yet so many people fail to clean them or fail to clean them correctly. Consequently, food can build up on the griddle eventually rendering it ineffective, taking longer to heat up and cook your food, not to mention the unsavoury flavour transfer that can occur if you do not maintain the griddle properly.

After each use the griddle should be scraped clean with the griddle scraper to remove the majority of the food.

At the end of each day the grease trough should be emptied and cleaned. If you have one, clean the griddle surface with a grill brick whilst it is still warm.

Once a week you should let the griddle cool down completely and then clean the plate with a concentrated degreasing solution or spray. You can then recoat the griddle plate with a thin film of oil to prevent rusting. 


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