PK101: Cleaning Chemicals

12:51 pm

This weeks Product Knowledge is about the wonderful world of cleaning chemicals.

We stock a full range of cleaning supplies here at Nisbets, from kitchens to bathrooms and everything in between you are sure to find the supplies you need, along with some handy accessories like spray bottles.

Laundry: For all your laundry washing needs we have Bio washing powder and fabric softener available.

Floors: A full range of floorcare products including maintainers, strippers and polishers.

Glass: We stock both glass cleaners and stainless steel cleaning, ideal for sinks and large appliances.

Bathroom: Everything you need – bleach, soap, detergent and polish all under one roof.

Kitchen: From kitchen roll to degreasers we stock plenty of kitchen surface and kitchen appliance cleaners.

Bar: We stock Jantex beer line cleaner to clean and sanitise your pumps, along with the all-important lipstick remover cleaning kit which is ideal for glassware.

Alternatively, you can view the full range here: Nisbets Cleaning Products.

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