Jubilee Party Planning VI: Linen & Tabletop

8:57 am

When it comes to your tabletops it is important they look attractive and clean to your visitors, not to mention in keeping with the theme of the day. For this we have put together a range of options for you to choose from to ensure the impression you give is a great one.

For a Jubilee-themed party we have a range of traditional checked tablelcloths in red and blue which come in various sizes.

We also have a range of Professional Napkins from Katrin which start at just £10.99 for a box of 1000. Or you could go for the Katrin Professional Banquet Roll which is disposable and looks great on a tabletop.

Finally, for a bit of fun and laughter at the Jubilee table, why not dot a few of these Tomato Shaped Sauce Bottles around!


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