Food Storage

5:11 pm

The world of food storage encompasses anything from sandwich bags to high spec insulated food containers with built-in temperature controls. Lets run through your options:

Preserve Jars: These are great for storing liquid and jams and are available in a range of sizes from 50 mls to 3 litres.

Food Containers: Nisbets stock a range of containers in almost every conceivable shape and size from those with measurement markings on them to the popular ‘Klip-It’ range of seal tight storage.

Gastronorms: Coming in both polycarbonate and stainlesssteel options, our Gastronorms can go from freezer straight to bains marie and can be used for a multitude of foods.

Ingredient Bins: Offering easy movement of heavy loads ingredient bins are ideal for storing dry ingredients such as fruit, vegetable, grains and flours.

Insulated Storage: The best option for moving temperature-sensitive liquids and solids. Food will stay fresher for longer and you can maintain the temperature for optimum conditions during transport. Ideal for outside catering companies. 


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