Demystifying the Golden Triangle (commercial kitchen design)

9:35 am

The Golden Triangle rule of kitchen design focuses on the belief that the equipment you use the most should be kept together to enable more efficient use of space and more effective cooking processes.

The three main zones of the triangle are generally considered to be the following;

1.     Food Prep
2.     Cooking
3.     Serving

Within these sections there is a lot of scope for the individual chef or kitchen staff to categorize their equipment and work surfaces, giving flexibility and choice to the method.

In each section you should have the worktop space, the appliances you require, and space to accommodate the utensils and ingredients you need.

The best way to figure out your zones method is to draw the diagram on paper first – this way you can check measurements and space before you engage in heavy moving of units and equipment. Take into account your chefs individual needs – for example the pastry chef would probably like a marble worktop and a blast chiller, whilst your dessert chef would need to be situated next to a freezer and microwave area.

Whichever layout you initially choose, run it over a trial period to ensure all kitchen staff are happy.  


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