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How To: Prevent Cross-Contamination

2:58 pm

It is more important than ever to be aware of the risks of cross-contamination in the kitchen. Cross contamination is what happens when the bacteria from one food item is transferred to another food item, and this can lead to food poisoning. Although the statistics for food poisoning in England and Wales have reduced over the past 10 years it is still important to be vigilant and do all that we can to prevent it, especially when preparing and serving food to our customers. Alongside the products we mention below, remember to provide a means for employees to clean themselves (separate hand washing sinks, chemicals and paper towels). Here are some products you can use to help prevent cross contamination.

Hygiplas Colour Coded Knives – these knives are made of stainless-steel and there is a full range of knife types from 3” paring knives to 12” serrated blade slicers, plus pastry, vegetable, palette, fillet, cooks, bread and boning knives available.

Hygiplas Colour Coded Chopping Boards – available in 6 different colours for specific food types these boards come in either high density, low density, or flexible mat versions.

Hygiplas Colour Coded Scissors – available in all colours these scissors have plastic handles with durable stainless steel blades.

Hygiplas Colour Coded Food Thermometers – available in all colours, with foldaway probes, an automatic on/off facility and wrist strap.

There are also other Hygiplas accessories available such as wall charts, board brushes, timers and log books.

BLUE = raw fish
RED = raw meat
YELLOW = cooked meat
GREEN = vegetables
BROWN = general use
WHITE = bakery & dairy


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