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5 Things Your Commercial Kitchen Cannot Do Without

9:34 am

If you’re in the catering business, read our list of the five things your kitchen cannot do without.

Make sure you have enough space to comfortably store your food – this will make sure nothing gets spoiled and also will help you to easily identify and remove the produce you need. If you’re looking to be green always ensure your refrigeration units are well away from your cooking machines.

No commercial kitchen can do without a sink or two. In an ideal world you would have a sink for cleaning fluids/hand washing, a food prep sink and a sink for washing up cookware and other items. You can also supplement your sinks with warewashing equipment such as dishwashers, glasswashers and even cutlery polishers. 

Ovens can be gas, electric, steam, combination, induction, convection or dual fuel. With so many to choose from, consider what you will be using them for and how often – this should set you in the right direction.

No kitchen - commercial or domestic, can do without cookware – pots, pans, trays and tins. Keep a good selection so you are prepared for all eventualities from a meal for one, to a table of 20. Plus, you’ll always have some in reserve if your dishwashing schedule is behind!

No kitchen can function without a good set of chefs knives. Keep them clean and sharpen them regularly and they should last a long time. Select brands that are trustworthy, such as Global or Victorinox, and ensure you have a wide selection for all types of food preparation. 


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