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Buying Catering Equipment

10:45 am

Nisbets Ireland is your number one spot for buying catering equipment in Ireland. With over 10,000 products and the ability to order via mail order and the web, we really do have your catering equipment needs covered. Having the right catering equipment will ensure that your business is able to run smoothly. With plenty of options to choose from, you really will be spoilt for choice when choosing your equipment.

Whether you run a bar, a cafe, or a restaurant, having all the equipment you need is vital. If that is ensuring that you have glass washers or dishwashers, or even down to having enough glasseware, crockery and cutlery; having the right amount is vital. This is why we stock products that come in a variety of sizes, from boxes of 12 Imperial Wine Glasses to special offers of 36 Athena Hotelwares Wide Rimmed Plates and cutlery like the Kelso combo deal which features 240 pieces of cutlery along with a dispenser.

When it comes to buying catering equipment for the back of the house, items such as toasters should be considered, but so should your large-scale catering appliances which are the most vital part of your kitchen. Looking at the smaller items for your kitchen though, investing in solid pots and pans is always important. When buying pans, you have the options of choosing between stainless steel pans, copper pans and aluminium pans Рall are available in a variety of sizes and prices. Other vital catering equipment items include baking trays and pans, non-stick pans such as frypans, saut̩ pans and paella pans, and items for oriental cooking such as woks.

As well as pans, you need to look at buying all your cooking utensils when buying catering equipment. From serving utensils, through to graters and chopping boards; it’s probably an idea to create a list of everything you need to ensure that you get all the equipment that you need for your business.


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