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Thousands of offers at the Nisbets Clearance Shop

11:48 am

Hude savings on thousands of Clearance Shop products. Save 60% on Monte Carlo Chef Jackets, now only £19.99 from £49.99. Save over 40% on Bistro crocs in range of colours, now only £19.99 from £34.99. For chefs and kitchens, we have a great deal on a Kenwood Chef Cooking Major saving over £200, now priced at £649.99 and a Waring bowl cutter priced at £199.99 as a saving of 65%.

For dining establishments we have a great deal on a Buffalo single pizza oven which is priced at £499.99 at a saving of over £200 from £699.99. For your younger customers we have have wooden high chairs priced at £29.99 from £49.99.

Thousands of more great clearance offers can be found at the Nisbets Clearance shop.


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